LULAAV was born in the valleys of the Fertile Crescent, a region known for its mineral-rich soil, abundant harvests, and penetrating, nutrient-dense botanics. And its women, born from this land, luminous skin, legendary for their strength and beauty. Here, women celebrated their heritage, passing on timeless beauty secrets to their daughters. Skin care recipes blending the most exquisite and potent botanicals, and time-honored beauty rituals to regenerate and glorify complexions, giving skin its optimal vitality. 

These very beauty secrets were passed on to LULAAV founder Shira Tabib by her Persian grandmother, Gootsi. Raised in New York, Shira spent summers with her grandmother in a small farming village in Israel. It was in her family’s gardens, where Shira was introduced to the skin curative properties of cold pressed botanicals that her ancestors had revered for generations – date fruit extract as the cherished elixir for promoting radiant skin; plum and apricot oils to rejuvenate skin’s vitality; papaya and watermelon seeds for their potent restorative qualities. And the roses, a foundational hero ingredient…there were always roses with their omnipresent aroma.

After years of searching fruitlessly to find an organic beauty regimen that captured the rituals and efficacy of her grandmother’s timeless formulas, Shira began methodically crafting her own skin care products. The reputation of her products’ uncompromised quality, purity and nutritional potency spread quickly. In creating LULAAV, Shira sought to honor the timeless beauty wisdom of her heritage, using only the very finest botanicals, inspired by, and sourced from the Fertile Crescent. 

Discover the Timeless Beauty Wisdom of LULAAV.